Time to Talk about Books: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

(I know the book says "Blind" but that's just the German title of "Heart-Shaped Box")

(I know the book says “Blind” but that’s just the German title of “Heart-Shaped Box”)

The novel “Heart-Shaped Box” written by the author Joe Hill is about the rockstar Judas Coyne who buys a ghost at an auction in the internet.


It all starts with Jude’s assistant telling him about an auction on the internet: a ghost is offered. As Jude owns a pretty large collection of morbid things he decides to upgrade it with the ghost.
A few days later a heart shaped box arrives in the mail. It contains the suit of a recently deceased person – the ghost Jude bought. Soon it turns out that it was no coincidence that Jude got exactly this ghost. It is the grandfather of one of Jude’s ex-girlfriends who committed suicide. Her family is convinced that it’s Jude’s fault she killed herself and now they want revenge.
A horror trip begins.


I read this book a few years back and it is quite thrilling and you can’t put it down. Joe Hill definitely inherited the talent for writing from his father, Stephen King. The characters all seem really credible and are described very well. None of them remains shallow. Especially the musical references throughout the whole book were something I liked. The music industry was also pictured authentically.
The book also never fails to frighten. I caught myself holding my breath several times while reading.
As I heard the book will be turned into a movie in 2014 and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I hope they will be able to capture the dark atmosphere of the book and find an actor who is really able to play a role like Jude Coyne.




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