Blog Challenge: Write a short scenario set in a fast-food restaurant.

They were sitting across from each other. Pete still talked but she stopped listening fifteen minutes ago. Her head felt like exploding, she couldn’t get her thoughts in order. She was trying so hard to focus, to really understand what he had just told her. It was almost impossible to get the thought of him being with someone else in her head. She was holding onto her paper cup so hard that she crushed it, spilling coke across table.

“Jen? Are you okay?” Taking a deep breath and nodding she didn’t dare to lift her head. The look in her eyes would reveal what she really felt, she’d never let him know. The smell of grease in the air made her sick, she needed to get out of there.

“I have to go now. I’m really happy for you.” The last sentence was still hovering through the room when Jen rushed out of the restaurant. Pete was still sitting at the small table in the corner of the corner of this KFC.

“What the fuck was that?” He didn’t quite know what make of that behavior. They’d been friends for a long time. Actually Pete always thought he knew Jen very well. But her reaction irritated him. He just told her he had a girlfriend, not that he murdered someone.

So he remained sitting by the little table in the corner, breathing the grease soaked air, letting the spilled coke on the table wet the sleeve of his shirt, trying to figure her out.

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