Blog Challenge: What you hope your future will be like

So this is my second post in this challenge. I decided to do it because the last one was about looking back and I think now it’s time to face the future.

The first thing I wish for is that I can get away from here. I’m living in this small town at the end of the world and I feel like suffocating here.  My plan for getting out of here is quite easy: I want to go to university in a big city and I already am trying to get that done. I decided for a subject to study at university and I started to check out places to stay at. What I really would have liked to do is studying abroad.
But unfortunately I can’t afford doing so. This brings me to part two of my plan: I chose the subjects I’m going to study in way to help me when going away. So I’m definitely going as far away from here as possible when I’m done university. I hope that wherever I’m gonna go, I’ll end up with a decent job and a nice life.
So far I haven’t made any other plans because I’d rather take one step at a time and then see where I want to go from there. I’m trying really hard to make these wishes come true, I hope I’ll finish school well so maybe I could even get a scholarship for university. *fingers crossed*

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