Blog Challenge: How have you changed within the last 2 years?

This is my first post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I’m not yet sure if I’ll do all 30 of them and by the way, I sure as hell won’t do them within 30 days. And most of all, I won’t do them in the same order as they appear in the list. I’m going to pick the one theme I feel like writing about at the moment.

So here we go…

Well it’s hard to say how much you changed, most of the time you only come to realise it when you meet somebody from your past. I haven’t done so but from time to time I heard about the stuff that former ‘friends’ do and the things that happened to them.
Compared to them I think I haven’t changed a lot. I mean I never really gave a fuck about what other people think of me but maybe I got even better in not doing so within the last few years. I also developed an antipathy towards 99% of the people on this planet. On the other hand, I focused more on the people who really matter to me. I even managed to find some new friends during the last 2 years (which is quite difficult for me ’cause I don’t like most people) and these friends I found are really important to me. For the first time I found people who share the same interests as me which allowed me to focus on my interests more. So in the last 2 years I also concentrated more on the things I like (finally people to share these things with *yay*).

But all in all I don’t think anybody from my former friends would be surprised if I met them tomorrow. I’ve always had my certain goals and certain values to which I stayed true. So yeah, I was me two years ago and I am still me today.

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