Time to talk about books: Factotum by Charles Bukowski



Hey guys =)

One of the last books I read was Factotum by Bukowski and I loved it.

This book might not be everyone’s cup of tea as Bukowski has …erhm…let’s call it not very sophisticated and sometimes not even decent way of saying things. But for me this was one of the reasons to like the book. It is about Henry Chinaski who is an alter ego of Bukowski himself. Short episodes of his life are told.
I liked the book a lot because to me it seemed honest. Bukowski kind of writes down what he thinks and what really happened. It felt like he didn’t try to blanch things over. Henry Chinaski surely is not the type of person everyone loves, he drinks excessively and sometimes he’s simply an asshole. But whatever he does, it’s him, it’s honest, it’s not fake.

Factotum is an amazing book. Definitely worth reading!


4 thoughts on “Time to talk about books: Factotum by Charles Bukowski

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