Today I felt the urge to write something. Not a review like I usually do, but something more personal, a feeling tried to turn into words.


This place was like home. She finally felt like she’d belong somewhere. For once in her life she didn’t seem to be out of place. Usually she only liked big crowds because it is so easy to get lost in them. You can be alone with your thoughts although you are surrounded by many people. But here everything was different. This crowd can’t be compared to the human throngs in subway stations and shopping malls. This people are strangers but they feel like family. They share the same thoughts, the same feelings. It’s the only place where she ever really felt alive.

Although it was extremely hot she took a deep breathe to absorb the atmosphere. The lights went out, the spotlights above the stage began to glow. The crowd cheered. Her heart was beating faster. As the music set in she closed her eyes. After a few minutes it felt like the rhythm of the bass controlled her heartbeat. She couldn’t move, she could hardly breathe but for her, life was better than ever before. She could feel the music crawling under her skin, flowing through her blood and circulating in her veins. A shiver went down her spin and she wished for this moment to continue forever. She didn’t dare to open her eyes. She was in her own little world. To her this was wonderland. But just like Alice’s trip to wonderland ended her little utopia also couldn’t last for long.

After an hour it all was over. The band left her stage, the light went back on. She could sense the music being drained out of her body. The feeling slowly started to fade. All the people – her family for the last hour – left the hall. For a few moments she couldn’t even move. The pain in her chest set in. It was a familiar kind of pain. It was the kind she always felt.



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