Movie Mania: Walk the Line

walk the line

walk the line

Hey guys 🙂

Today I’m gonna talk about the movie “Walk the Line”. It’s about Johnny Cash’s life and of course there’s a whole lot of music.

You find out about Johnny’s childhood, about how he started his career. How he meets June Carter, falls in love with her and changes.

I just have to say, I loooooove this movie. It’s amazing. I am deeply impressed by Reese Witherspoon (June Carter) and Joaquin Pheonix (Johnny Cash). All the songs in the movie were sung by them and they did a truly amazing job. No wonder Reese got the Oscar for best supporting actress and Joaquin was nominated for an Oscar aswell. But not only the musical parts were great also the acting performance. They both caputered the essence that made Johnny Cash and June Carter so special. You get so lost in the movie, you sometimes even forget that it’s not the real Johnny and June you see.

To me “Walk the Line” is one of the best music-movies ever. You totally have to check it out. If you already saw the movie, tell me below how you liked it 🙂


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