Movie-Mania: Donnie Darko

Hello world 🙂

donnie darko

donnie darko

Today I’m gonna do a movie review for you.
Donnie Darko is a very cool movie directed by Richard Kelly, the main character Donnie Darko is played by

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Donnie is a quite smart kid but he has mental problems. One day a jet engine crashes right into his bedroom. Fortunately he wasn’t there by the time the engine hit. Donnie was before drawn from his room by Frank, a humanoid rabbit, who told him the world would end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. Soon after that Donnie floods the school at Frank’s suggestion. There’s also a new student, Gretchen Ross, who falls in love with Donnie. He starts to become interested in time travel. On Halloween he and his sister throw a party (their parents are out-of-town). In the course of the evening  he realises that there are only a few hours left till the end of the world, Frank predicted. He decides to visit Grandma Death, an old woman who seems to have gone mad. She was the one who wrote the book about time travel Donnie received from his teacher. On the way he and Gretchen are assaulted by two bullies and she is knocked unconscious. A car that tries avoid Grandma Death hits Gretchen and she dies. The driver of the car is Frank. Donnie shoots him in the eye when Frank starts yelling at him.
Donnie who somehow seems to be happy watches the plane his mother and sister are in (the flew to a dance competition) flying over a wormhole. With telekinesis Donnie tears the engine from the plane and right into the wormhole and sends it back in time.
28 days earlier, Donnie stays in bed. He is killed as the jet engine hit his room.

This movie is really awesome. It’s somehow different from everything you’ve seen so far. I simply love the movie.
Everyone of you who hasn’t seen it until now, go and watch it! Those who already saw it, how did you like it?


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