Time to talk about books: Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis

Hi guys 🙂

Yesterday I already talked about a book that deals with the topic music.

Today I’m gonna review “Touching From A Distance” a book about Ian Curtis’ (singer of Joy Division) life. It’s

touching from a distance

touching from a distance

written by his wife Deborah.

You find out how Deborah and Ian first met, how they fell in love and how Ian got famous. His wife wrote about how torn Ian was. Of course this book is a bit one-sided as you see everything through Deborah’s eyes but still this book gives you an inside on how hard it could be to life with him, how much Deborah was suffering when Ian fell in love with Annik Honoré. You can also see how hard it was for Ian and how he finally ended it all with committing suicide.This is an amazing book that helps you to understand the great artist Ian Curtis (it’s kind of an emotion-rollercoaster). I recommend reading this book especially if you want to watch the movie “Control” that is based on it. It’ definitely easier to follow the movie when you read the book before. I also recommend you watching the movie because it shows you also more of the other sides (Ian’s, Annik’s etc.) and helps you to complete the picture.


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