Time to Talk about books: Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Hey guys 🙂

peeps so süss dass ich ihn fressen musste


Yesterday I talked about a vampire book I just read. Today I thought I’d do a review on a vampire book series a

read a few years ago.
The series I’m going to tell you about is “Peeps” by Scott Westerfeld.

It consists of two books, the first one is “Peeps”. First of all I’d like to explain that vampires here are in some aspects different from the usual ones. For example crosses are of no use against vampires (except when they used to be hardcore christians when they were human). Vampires only reject things the once loved. So if the person used to be an Elvis fan, a poster or something would definitely be more effective than a cross.
The protagonist in this book is Cal. He just arrived in New York and he hooked up with a girl. She infected him with a disease that turns people into peeps (parasite positives). It turns out Cal is immune but carries the disease and is able to infect other people. Being a carrier also means he gets the lets call it ‘superpowers’ like extreme strength but doesn’t turn into a cannibalistic monster.

peeps 2 die letzten tage

peeps 2

Cal is recruited by the “Night Watch”. They try to fight the disease and the infected people. But soon Cal realises that there’s something else going on…

The second book in the series is entitled “The Last Days”. It is about a band in a sort of apocalyptic New York. The band finds out that whenever they play something evil shows up. When this happens we meet some of the characters from the first part. The Night Watch of course fights the evil the band evoked. Finally the band teams up with the Night Watch and the travel around playing concerts and fighting.
I read these books some years ago and I quite liked them. Scott Westerfeld has a very capturing way of writing and both books were very thrilling.
Both of them are worth reading. So go ahead and give them a chance 🙂


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