Time to talk about Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Hey guys 🙂may the odds be ever in your favor

Today we’re gonna talk about “The Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins. The books take place in Panem which consists of 12 districts. A long time ago there had been 13 districts but after an uprising, the 13th district had been destroyed. To remember everybody who lives in Panem of their power the Capitol holds “The Hunger Games” annually. In these Games two people from each district (a man and a woman) have to fight and kill each other. In the end, there are 23 dead people and one winner.

The first book in the trilogy has the title “The Hunger Games”.
It is reaping day, the day, when the two people who will have to fight for their district are chosen. Primrose Everdeen is the first name that is called out but her sister Katniss volunteers instead of her. She, Peeta Mellark and Haymitch Abernathy, a former winner, are sent to the capitol. There they are trained and coached by Haymitch.
Finally they are sent into the arena where the have to fight. Just before they left, Peeta confessed in a tv interview that he is in love with Katniss. When in the end only the two of them are left the play the ‘star-crossed lovers’ and are both announced winners.

The second book is called “Catching fire”.
The little trick Katniss and Peeta pulled lead to several uprising in the different districts but anyway it is time for the next Hunger Games. As it is the 75th time these are held, they gamemakers created something special. This time all the competators all are gonna be people who already one the Hunger Games before. So Katniss and Peeta are sent to the arena again. At the end of these book, some of the competators are rescued from the arena and are brought to district 13.

The third book in the series is “Mockingjay”.
In this book Katniss becomes the leading figure of the revolution. The rebels fight the capitol and finally win. In the end Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch return to district 12 and try to have a normal life there.

I really enjoyed this trilogy as it is written really good and the plot is thrilling. During the second book it got a little bit boring but I still couldn’t but done the book.


(note: the first picture “may the odds be ever in your favor” was done by me, please don’t copy it)

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