Time to talk about Books: Kill Your Friends by John Niven

Hey guys 🙂

I love books and at the moment I’m having holidays which means I actually spend every day reading books.

kill your friends

kill your friends

So I thought I’d talk a bit about the books I read recently.

The last book I read is “Kill Your Friends”, written by John Niven.

It is about a man named Steven Stelfox who works in a big record company. He’s totally evil. He actually hates everything and everybody, he does lots of drugs and alcohol and all in all he’s just an asshole. He’s earning tons of money but still never has enough. Singing a band that is successful hasn’t happened to him in a long time. Still he doesn’t put much effort in his job as he is -like I already said- simply hating everything, especially his job and the bands and most of all his colleagues. So it’s not a big surprise when he kills the guy who is supposed to be his new boss. And from there on the book gets even darker and more diabolic.

This book by John Niven is written greatly. It’s not only dark but also hysterically funny.

Kill Your Friends is definitely worth reading!



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