Isn’t it funny?

Whenever I get a text-message the first thing I think is “gosh please not another ad”. But then when I open the message and I see this one name suddenly I start to smile. A single message from this one person can light up my whole day.

Then I spend the rest of the day wondering if you also think about me as often as I think about you (what actually is 24/7).

And then there are those days when we talk like forever and it just feels great. We spend the whole night talking about everything and it’s just awesome.

Again I start to wonder…

I wish figuring such things out would be far easier. Thinking about you and trying to figure you out so often causes me headaches.

Things would be easier if I would just tell you how I feel. But of course it could also fuck everything up and I just couldn’t stand that.

So I guess I’ll just keep going like it is and keep on wondering and hoping that my headaches pass soon…



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