5 really strange movies you NEED to watch

Well, there are some movies that are quite extraordinary. While watching them you might catch yourself thinking ‘wtf??’ several times but no matter what although being strange at times these movies are awesome. They may be different from those usual hollywood movies that are all the same but that’s what I love about them. So here are 5 movies ‘non-mainstream-movies’ you should check out:

I. Serial Mom: A really cool movie about a woman who appears to be the perfect housewife and mother. All about her life seems to be like everybody wishes it to be but when nobody is watching she sort of freaks out. Whenever something does not fit into her perfect little world, she eliminates it. People included. A very dark satire by John Waters. Definitely worth watching!

II. Freeway: Reese Witherspoon here plays a very dark version of red riding hood. The movie somehow always reminds of Roald Dahl version of this fairytale (those of you who know both the movie and the story will know what you mean).

III. Wild at Heart: Movies directed by David Lynch are always different from what you are used to. This is an extraordinary love between Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage. They flee from Laura’s mother who kind of doesn’t like her boyfriend, she even sends out someone to kill him.

IV. Super (Shut up Crime): This is a really cool superhero movies that comes along with a bit of a fairytale touch. The main character is a guy who decides to fight crime so he dresses up as a superhero and beats up the bad guys (although he actually is absolutely not the kind of guy who looks like a superhero neither has he qualifications like physical strength etc). This ‘batman’ even is joined by his very own ‘robin’: Ellen Page.

V. The Grindhouse Double Feature (Planet Terror+Death Proof): These actually are two movies but they come along together. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez both made a movie and then decided to sort of put them together. For the DVD they even shot some fake trailers for movies i still hope to be made someday. If you ever watched a movie from one of these directors you already know that their movies most of the time are really strange but also totally awesome. (You should also check out their other movies all of them are amazing)

There are my 5 strange movies you really should watch. All of them easily kick the asses of all those mainstream hollywood stuff 😉

If you’ve already seen some of the movies please comment how you liked them. I hope you enjoy them as much as me 🙂


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