Do you know that feeling…

Do you know that feeling when you’re thinking “where the fuck has everybody gone?” All of a sudden it feels like you’re standing all alone. You don’t know where everybody went and you don’t have the slightest idea. All you know is they’re gone.

And then you start to wonder…why the fuck did they leave? Did I do something wrong? Did they just find something better than me? Or what the hell is it?

Then after some time suddenly everyone seems to be back, acting like they’ve never been gone. And you don’t even say a word ‘cause you feel like you’re overreacting and you start to feel so stupid because there were all these questions in your head. And now you just try to push them away as far as possible.

Till they’re gone the next time….

Then it all comes back. And you start to wonder how long you’re gonna pretend that you don’t notice that they were gone or that you don’t even care.

I sometimes wonder what would happen I you would say “Where the hell have you been? Why did you leave me alone? Don’t I matter to you at all? And how dare you comming back and acting like nothing ever happend?”

But then I just stick to pretending nothing happend ‘cause it far easier….



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