Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling

Hey Guys – hope you are having a nice week-end!
Finally. I finally got hold of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to read it this year. From the time it came out up to now every copy the library had (and they have quite a bunch) was constantly borrowed.
Well, recently I got really lucky!😀


The Plot:
Quite some time has passed since we last left Hogwarts. By now Harry’s and Ginny’s second son Albus Severus first heads for King’s Cross Station. Soon he makes a very unlikely friend: Scorpius – Draco Malfoy’s son.
However, after Albus overhears a conversation between his father and Amos Diggory, an idea start to grow in his head. Many people did for his father but maybe Cedric Diggory could be saved.
As we know, meddling with time travel never does any good…


The Rating:
I have to admit, I read Harry Potter for the first time last summer. But I was hooked from page 1. JK Rowling created such an impressive and magical world, her stories touch you. So, The Cursed Child has quite big shoes to step into. Before I had a chance to read the book, there was plenty of time to check out reviews. There are some very mixed feelings out there, from loved it to super awful – the whole spectrum is covered. So I was even more excited (and a little nervous) about this one!
First of all, let me explain something: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is intended to be a play, therefore the “book” is not what you would traditionally imagine it be. It is simply the script for the play, containing nothing but a few stage directions and dialogue.
If reading that kind of stuff is not something you are used to, it can be pretty hard to get into as it is very different from a regular book. That might be a reason some people disliked the “book”.
Apart from that, I have to say that JK Rowling created an interesting story that’s both heart-warming and heart-breaking. It’s hell of a ride through time with some unexpected plot twists. Of course we also meet some old friends. You know, I immediately thought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child would make for an amazing film but then my heart to broke over the fact that Alan Rickman isn’t there to play Snape :’-(

So, I don’t want to  add any spoilers, therefore this review is a little short.
There is one thing you should bear in mind with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: It’s not a regular book, it’s a script to a play. If you get yourself acquainted with that kind of style, I am certain you will love it!

Did you read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Maybe even saw the play? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Christmas Movie Mania: Krampus (2015)

Hey Guys!
It’s December 1st so I decided to start a series of Christmas Movie Mania posts. You can prepare for tons of holiday films this month😉
However, with the this movie I wasn’t really sure whether to include it here or in my Halloween series. Let’s explore Krampus, an interesting merge of horror and holiday!


The Plot:
It’s Christmas! The family is preparing to celebrate the holidays, relatives are already arriving. Well, Max loses his festive attitude as everyone is quarreling. Enraged he rips his letter for Santa to shreds. Soon after mysterious and frightening things begin to happen. Max’s Austrian grandmother seems to be the one to offer an explanation… Continue reading

3 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 6 – Roanoke Nightmare

Hey Guys!
It’s been two weeks already since the final episode of American Horror Story’s 6th season aired. This season was something completely different from what we got before (for some more general info on this season click here). Let’s see how it turned out!


Thought #1 – The Format:
This season is not what we are used to. Although every season had something different to offer, this one had the biggest change (so far). Roanoke Nightmare doesn’t simply follow a narrative. The show kicks off with a fake show within the show! You get some people sitting ona chair, facing the camera, telling their story, while some actors re-enact whatever they went through.
To be honest, I usually don’t watch the kind of show they did in this season. It took me a bit to get used to it but as they executed the whole thing very interestingly. But – here comes the big but: they overstretched it. The first show within the show actually ended halfway through the season. After that they did another TV Show were the guys from the first one returned to the horror house. By that point I started to be annoyed. While the first one actually was interesting this was just cheap and the kind of stuff I would never ever watch.


Thought #2 – The Actors:
So due to the format we got two actors for one role in the first half of the season. To be honest, it felt like most of the actors didn’t get to show their full potential (or even half of it). At some point I got the impression that it was just an excuse to bring back all the fan favourites. While there was more stuff going on in the second half of the season there wasn’t much depth to most of the characters, thus resulting in annoying characters played by bored actors.


Thought #3 – What is going on here?
The original idea for this season was the disappearance of the Roanoke colony. Turns out the didn’t disappear or even die, they are still around and hunting everybody who even gets near the house. While I am certain that this would have been enough to make a very fascinating plot line, there is much more stuff going on: Everybody who was killed by them seemed to hang around to. An Asian family, two murdering sister, … In addition to that we get Lady Gaga as some sort of witch who is roaming the woods and on top of that: a super weird hill-billy family that is not only creepy but also very dangerous.
For me, it was just too much. Some of the stories were only briefly touched and the viewer was left wondering. New ones were constantly introduced without giving much explanation. Reduction would have been the key word here.


I have to say that Roanoke Nightmare irritated me at first. While I was prepared to accept the new format, I ended up very disappointed that they exaggerated it so much. This season started out very promising but especially after about half of the season was but one thing: annoying.


Did you watch Roanoke Nightmare? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Book vs. Movie: Bridget Jones’s Diary

Hey Guys!
I’m currently roaming the library to find all the books that go with movies I really enjoyed. This time I’m presenting Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding which was adapted by Sharon Maguire in 2001. Renée Zellweger stars as the eponymous heroine.


The Plot:
Bridget Jones is a 30-something woman, working in a job she doesn’t really like. She is single and determined to change that. Bridget buys a diary and enlists all her accomplishments (and failures) while she trying to lose weight, stop smoking and reduce drinking. The real trouble begins when starts flirting with Daniel Cleaver, a womanizer she knows from work. Things get even more difficult when the lawyer Mark Darcy enters her life… Continue reading

Movie Mania: A Girls walks Home Alone at Night

Hello Guys!
This is another one of those posts that have been sitting in my drafts folder for ages. A Girl walks Home Alone at Night is known as the first “Iranian Vampire Western”, so it promised to be interesting!


The Plot:
Bad City is not the kind of place you want to get stranded in. It’s full of junkies, prostitutes, pimps and other lost souls. Among all those tragic figures a Vampire stalks walks trough the night…


The Rating:
I was very excited to finally check out this independent film, as everybody else was completely over the moon because of it. The trailer promised and interesting and atmospheric movie. Continue reading

Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters – TV Show Edition

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I’m going to steal a post idea I saw over at FlickChicks. The Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters things has been going around for time now but I completely missed out until I stumbled upon their post!
However, I’m going to change it up a bit as I couldn’t decide on just three characters from all fictional areas. So, there will be a post on TV Shows, Movies and Books!
Let’s kick it off with TV Shows. Allons-y!


Louise Belcher:
She is totally my spirit animal. Never have I identified this much with an animated character. (Although Lisa  Simpsons is close second) First of all I love that all of her stuff has ears. She has a bunny ear hat (sewed one of those!), a teddy bear backpack (need one of those!) and slippers with bunny ears! Apart from her choice in accessories I can identify with her because of her sarcasm!
I already caught myself thinking several times “Hey that’s totally something I’d say!”. On top of that she is a bit of a weird child (totally me) and has character.


Robin Scherbatsky:
Although I didn’t enjoy the last How I Met Your Mother season and especially the finale that much, Robin Scherbatsky has always been a character I could closely identify with. First of all, she’s one of the boys. She’s not one of the girly girls but rather enjoys doing stuff that mean are usually more into. I’ve never been interested in the most typical girl-topics and always got along better with boys than girls. (Although I may not share the exact same interests with Robin…)
Another point I can very much relate with is her career. It’s very important to her and is willing to sacrifice a lot for it.
But what I always enjoyed most about her is that she never was the “Hey, let’s get married and have kids”-type. She stated several times throughout the show that it’s just not a role she sees herself in and I know what that feels like. And I have a crappy relationship with my dad. So hey, I’m Robin all the way!


Jessica Jones:
This may not be the most obvious choice. I may not have any superpowers or be a dope fighter. But she is antisocial and just doesn’t enjoy being around people (except maybe for a few selected ones). Most of the time, the mere existence of some people just seems to annoy her and whenever Jessica Jones gets the chance, she avoids being social.
I am a rather antisocial person myself. I simply enjoy being by myself, may it be staying at home or also running through town doing stuff alone. Believe me when I say there’s only very few people who don’t annoy the shit out of me.
Although I really try to become more of  a social person and be nicer in general towards other people, I’m still a lone wolf at heart.


Which characters would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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