Movie Mania: Maleficent

I finally found the time to catch up with the very successful movies of 2014 and 2015. A film I was particularly thrilled about but just couldn’t find the time to watch is Maleficent. We all know her – she’s the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty, but what’s her story?


The Plot:
In this movie we experience a familiar tale from a new angle. This time the story follows Maleficent, how she grew up, what made her angry and what really happened with Sleeping Beauty.


The Rating:
As you can tell by now, I was really excited about this one.
First of all, I love the fact that the took an old story and refashioned it. Although the made Maleficent something completely new they also added little pieces we all know from the Sleeping Beauty Disney film. So despite watching the story from a different angle you still get the connection to the original story. It perfectly adds depth and substance.
Furthermore, Angelina Jolie did a great job portraying Maleficent’s transition and all the bruises – inside and outside – she carried with her. Although I am usually a bit torn when it comes to Jolie’s performances I definitely add this one to my favourites.
Another point that makes this movie really stand out is the scenery. I suppose most of it was generated via computer and whoever was responsible for that deserves an applause. Especially the Moors looked absolutely stunning and magical.
The only one I wasn’t impressed by is Sharlto Copley. He did a halfway decent job but at the end of the day his character remained somewhat pale. He just couldn’t get it across.
But despite this very tiny flaw I can fully recommend Maleficent.

So, as far as fairytale-movie are concerned, I now count Maleficent among my favourites. It adds a completely new touch and depth to Sleeping Beauty – a story we all grew up with. The actors did an amazing job and the movie is already worth seeing just because of the setting!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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I waited half an eternity to finally read the last part of Katie Kacvinsky’s trilogy. As the English version was only available digitally and I 1) don’t have an E-Book reader and 2) always prefer a physical copy I had to wait for the German book to be published!


The Plot:
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The Rating:
I really enjoyed Kavinsky’s for two installments of the Awaken series and the whole idea appealed to me. I was very excited to she which picture she would paint of the digital world in the last part. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Revenant

Today I bring you Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest movie. It’s another chance for him to win an Academy Award and the critics are more than enthusiastic. But is The Revenant really that good?


The Plot:
It’s 1832 and a group of trappers are on the hunt for pelts. They are guided by Glass, the most experienced hunter among them who know the area like the back of his hand. After they are attacked by some native Americans, the try to flee through the woods. However, Glass is severely wounded by a bear and barely survives. Two of the trappers and his son stay behind to take care of him but one of the trappers betrays him. Glass has to find a way to continue on his own – and take revenge. Continue reading

Lilyhammer – A Recap on all 3 Seasons

Finally! I finished watching the third season of Lilyhammer, the Netflix production about a gangster making a new life in Norway.


The Plot:
Frank Tagliano is a pretty important guy in the New York mafia  clan. But when he cooperates with the FBI he has to go undercover. They help him start a new life in Lillyhammer, Norway. But he falls back into old ways and builds his new empire up north.


The Rating:

Season #1:
Simply brilliant. The kick-off for this show is funny but also with serious aspects woven into the story. Not only the actors do a great job, Norway itself is beautiful. They come around with something new all the time – you never know what to expect.

Season #2:
The second seasons began even funnier than the last. I laughed so hard during the first episodes, there were tears in my eyes. Well, somewhere during the middle of the season the tone got darker and more serious. I was a little disappointed about that.

Season #3:
To be honest this one is my least favourite. They couldn’t go back to the great balance of funny and serious that had managed to create during the first season. Things just didn’t match anymore. But wat let me down the most was the finale. Instead of trying to give the show an ending, they created many new plot strings during the last episodes, not giving any of them a proper finish. The touch so many new aspects it really annoyed me. They could have started a bunch of those ideas throughout the season and really develop them instead of stuffing it all into the final episode.

I love the first season, laughed hard at the second, and got disappointed by the third one. But all in all Lillyhammer is a really nice show with hilarious ideas and great actors. Futhermore the setting in Norway is a great change of scenery compared to most other shows!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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7 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 5 – A Recap

Another season of American Horror Story – the notorious anthology – is over. The fifth installment “Hotel” spanned over 12 episodes and told the story of Hotel Cortez – a dark and evil place that no-one will ever leave neither alive nor dead.


The Positives:

First of all I want to mention how absolutely divine Lady Gaga was in this show. At first I had my doubts whether she would be able to pull off such a big acting role but Gage really proved that she can do and was awarded with a Golden Globe Award for her performance. Continue reading