Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: Frenzy

Hey guys!
We’re no officially halfway through my Alfred Hitchcock review series. Today I’ll be writing about Frenzy. So let’s see whether I enjoyed this thriller!

The Plot:

The story follows a serial killer in who’s terrorizing London. He rapes and strangles women but tries to from another for his crimes…

The Rating:

Another Hitchcock thriller with comedic events. I really wish he wouldn’t have done it.I know some people praise this but for me it just doesn’t fit. The moment I get drawn into the story an awfully placed joke destroyes the whole atmosphere.

The idea of the film and the crime committed would actually be interesting, if not for the irritating execution. After a strong start, the quality started to decline until I reached a point where I just wanted the film to be over. Had Hitchcock followed through with just the thriller elements, Frenzy would be a fascinating crime movie that chills you to the bones. There are many strong scenes. But in between, we always get bits that ruin all the great aspects of the film.

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T5T: Top 5 reasons I love reading

Hello, lovely readers and welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!
It’s hosted by Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
So here we go with my Top 5 reasons I love reading!

#1 – The Dark and Quiet:

I love to read at night. When everything around me is utterly quiet. Since I bought an e-reader, that has a built-in light, I usually sit in the dark and read. It’s the most wonderful feeling to be wrapped in blankets, nothing but darkness and silence swirling around me, only a book to keep me company. It’s a feeling only reading can give me.

#2 – The Focus:

When reading, I can’t have anything else disturb me. I don’t have any music on or the TV. When I pick up a book I have to focus solely on the piece of writing in front of me. I usually have a tendency to do ten things at once, but reading forces me to sit down, to quiet down and choose to do this one thing. But not just physically do it. You can’t have your mind wandering around, going through to-do-list and worrying. Unless you really focus on what you are reading, you’ll have to go over the same passage multiple times.
I guess, when I am reading is the only time I am utterly at peace with myself and the world.

#3 – Foreign Worlds:

“Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else.” That’s a quote attributed to Mark Twain.
When you read, you can venture into new worlds. Leave the shackles of this one behind. You are not bound to a single place. Words can take you anywhere – everywhere imagination leads.
Twain is right. Sometimes it’s an escape. The only form of escape you can get. The easiest form of escape you can get.
It’s beyond beautiful to discover a new world, full of magic, full of wonders, full of beauty. Somewhere far away.

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Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: Family Plot

Hey guys!
It’s time for another Hitchcock movie review. Today I’ll be writing about the 1976 comedy thriller Family Plot. So let’s get down to it!

The Plot:

This is the story of two couples whose lives become entangled. A fake psychic and her cab-driving boyfriend try to find a missing heir and cross paths with two professional thieves and kidnappers…

The Rating:

I don’t know why but for me this film isn’t particularly memorable. Whenever I hear the title I think of five other movies before I remember the actual plot.

Don’t get me wrong. Family Plot is Alfred Hitchcock’s final production and it is certainly a solid film but nothing about it is too special.
Once more, Hitchcock mixes the thriller elements with comedy and, once more, I don’t enjoy it. I know movies where this works really well but so far I haven’t seen a Hitchcock film that had me crazy about it.

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Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: Marnie

Hello my lovely readers!
I hope there are a few Alfred Hitchcock fans among you. Today I will continue with my review series on his films. So let’s talk about Marnie!


The Plot:
Marnie always pulls the same trick: get employed at a good company (despite not having any references), stay there for a couple of months to gain trust, empty the safe, change identity and be gone.
Only this time, Marnie has made a mistake. She applies for a job at Mark Rutland’s company, unaware that he is in business with her last employer.
But Rutland doesn’t go to the police. Instead he pressures Marnie into marriage – only to find out that he got more than he bargained for…


The Rating:
There are many ambivalent thoughts on Marnie, and this won’t be an exception.
Although it is an interesting film with lots of plot twist you don’t see coming, not everything makes sense. For me a story needs to be credible in order to be fully pulled in, but with Marnie I had many moments of doubt. I kept thinking why would he/she do that – not believing a second of it. Continue reading

Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: The Birds

Hello, my lovely readers!
Today I want to write about one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movies. Let’s get started and check out The Birds!

The Plot:

After a rather weird encounter with Mitch Brenner, you socialite Melanie Daniels decided to drive out to Bodega Bay with a birthday gift for his little sister. However, as soon as she arrives, terrible things begin to happen as the bird population becomes more violent. But nobody believes her…

The Rating:

After a few more negative reviews concerning the Cold War movies Hitchcock has made, I am glade to share a positive review today!

The Birds is a super creepy thriller that made me squirm for weeks after whenever I saw a bird. Tippi Hedren does a great job in this production and holds up well with a co-star like Rod Taylor.

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Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: Psycho

Hey guys!
Welcome to another post in my Hitchcock Special series. Psycho is probably the famous amongst all of his films, so we better talk about it 😉


The Plot:
Marion Crane makes a spontaneous decision: she steals 40,000 $ a client had paid her boss. There’s nothing to do but going as far away as possible, so Marion gets in her car and drives. Soon she winds up at a very remote hotel. Turns out, it wasn’t the best accommodation choice…


The Rating:
There’s a reason why this is Hitchcock’s most famous movie. Psycho is simply brilliant.
Janet Leigh who stars as Marion is intense. Her agitation seeped through the screen and I swear I began shifting uncomfortable – just like her.  Continue reading