Movie Mania: Django Unchained

Hey Guys!
You all know by know that I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. But I completely escaped my notice, that I had never written about Django Unchained! That’s needs to be changed right away!


The Plot:
Bounty Hunter Dr. King Schultz acquires the slave Django to help him identify some of the guys he’s looking for. In exchange for that he offers Django his freedom. However, once the job is done, they become partners. Dr. King Schultz even agrees to help Django free his wife Broomhilda who is a slave at Calvin Candie’s plantation… Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Mr. Robot

Hey guys!
Today I have a really impressed TV show for you. Even if you are not too much into computers, this series will certainly blow you away!


What is it about?
Elliot Alderson is a brilliant young man who works for a cyber security company and hacks people for fun during his time off. Suffering form social anxiety and clinical depression, he often has trouble getting along with, well, pretty much everyone. However, his life is turned upside down, when Elliot gets recruited by Mr. Robot, the leader of the hacktivist group fsociety… Continue reading

Where to Stay in Portugal

Hello Folks!
Today I have one of my rarer post for you: it’s travel time!
I’ve spent my last two summers in Portugal and I’m usually planning my vacation around this time. So I’ve gathered my favourite places to stay, maybe it’ll give you some inspiration!


Watermark Surf House:
The first place I ever stayed at in Portugal was the Watermark Surf House. It’s located in Espinho, right next to the beach. The house itself is lovely, clean and the people are super friendly. You literally cross the street and you’re at the beach, so it was the perfect choice for surfing. The water is a little bit cold so far up north but the guys’ll hook you up with just the right wetsuit. They also give surf lesson, so you can tell, they really love what they do. (Check out this post for more information)
If you ever get boring of Espinho, you can easily get to Porto by train within half an hour. There’s tons of stuff to discover there!


Hostel Argonauta:
After we left Espinho last summer, we headed for Obidos. It’s sort of medieval town, still surrounded by the old walls. You can walk along the top around the entire town!
In this cosy little spot we found the cutest hostel ever. Argonauta is run by a very nice and helpful lady. She provided us with many tips what to do, where to eat, and how to get to places. She even sets up breakfast for you, getting you just what you want!
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Movie Mania: Sons of Norway

Hey Guys!
Today I have a very special movie for you. Sons of Norway is a lovely coming of age film, powered by Hippies and Punk Rock.


The Plot:
1970. Rebellion is hard when you listen to punk rock but your parents are hippies driving around in a van with flowers. Still, Nikolaj has a strong bond with his loving and caring mother. But then his world is shattered when she dies after an accident.
Both Nikolaj and his father struggle both with the passing and with finally getting along better… Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hey guys!
As I’m currently making my way through all the books in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, you can prepare for some more exciting posts on the subject! Today I want to shed some light on the 2004 movie adaptation, which covers the first three novels!


The Plot:
A Series of Unfortunate Events follows Violet, Klaus and Sunny Beaudelair. After a fire destroyed their home and killed their parents, they struggle with their new guardians. The first new care-taker they get is Count Olaf who is only after their money. However, each time the Beaudelair children seem to get rid of him, some new peril awaits them…


Book vs. Movie:
So, in this case it’s not only one novel I will talk about but three. The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room and The Wide Window are the first three installments in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate events. Putting the entire series (13 books) into one film is quite impossible, so it was definitely a good idea to change it up a bit. Continue reading

Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters – Movie Edition

Hey Guys!
About half an eternity ago I did a post where I described myself in 3 TV show characters. Today I’m going to continue: it’s movie time!


Hermione Granger (Harry Potter):
I remember seeing the movie in theaters and thinking: That is so me. Her attitude, her looks, her ambition. Even the sarcastic comments and that she’s constantly correcting everybody. Although I may not be that hyper-motivated when it comes to studying, I’m always well prepared and ahead of time. 100% me.


Lydia (BeetleJuice):
Beetlejuice is one of my all time favourite Tim Burton films. He’s one of my favourite directors and for this movie he got Winona Ryder on board. I love almost all of her 80s and 90s flicks but her role as Lydia is the most relatable for me. She has no friends, a taste for the dark and unusual. I was (and I guess I still am) a very weird kid with a slight obsession for the obscure. So yeah, you see the connection…

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