Halloween Horror: Neon Demon (Movie Mania)

Hello my lovely readers!
I was particularly excited to finally watch today’s movie. Neon Demon is Nicolas Winding Refn latest work. But will it be as impressive and intense as his other films?


The Plot:
Jesse is an aspiring model who just arrived in Los Angeles. While she’s trying to adjust to the new surroundings she bonds with a bunch of other models. But is this lifestyle really good for her?


The Rating:
After Drive, I couldn’t wait to watch some more of Nicolas Winding Refn movies. When I first laid eyes upon the trailer to Neon Demon I got super excited. But when I sat to down to finally watch it, my expectations were shattered.
I can’t think of a nicer way to put but Elle Fanning simply annoyed me all the way through. Her character was plain and boring and it just really didn’t make any sense to me that everyone was swooning about her in the movie. I get that they wanted her character to go through some kind of transformation but the way Fanning conveyed it to the screen simply didn’t work out.
As most of the other actors also had rather pale roles I suppose it was intended that way. None of the characters had any depth or managed to gain my interest. You might argue that it was to show the how shallow that way of life is but believe me, the way it was portrayed, it did not work out.
If you know some of Winding Refn’s other works, you are familiar with his amazing use of color. Pretty much the only positive thing I have to say about this movie is the amazing set. You could almost call his way of working with light, colors and shapes psychodelic.
However, it may have looked impressive, but it just didn’t make any sense. The entire plot seemed very forced and there were many aspect that just left me with questions marks. Even the ending doesn’t really match the rest of the film.

Unfortunately, the pretty pictures can’t save a movie filled with bored characters and a plot that makes absolutely no sense at all. I have to say, Neon Demon was a waste of time.


Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Hello Folks!
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Hello Guys!
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Hey Guys!

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Hey guys!
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Book vs. Movie: The Martian

Hey folks!
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