Movie Mania: Bubba Ho-Tep

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I don’t know why but I neglected writing this review for ages. Shame on me! So, today I have the honor to present to you one of Bruce Campbell finest movies!


The Plot:
An elderly man living in a retirement home claims to be Elvis, the guy who died in 1977 was in an impersonator. His only friend is Jack, an elderly man black man who thinks he is JFK. Anyway, the real action starts when the two have to team up in order to fight a re-animated ancient mummy… Continue reading

Top 5 Julia Roberts Movies

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With today’s post I want to honor one of my favourite actresses running around in Hollywood. Julia Roberts has a career filled with amazing films, but let’s take a look at my Top 5!


5. Erin Brokovich:
This adaptation of a true story is probably one of Julia Roberts’ best known works. She won an Academy Awards (and a bunch of other prices) for her portrayal of a woman who stands up for other people’s rights and believe me, she deserved it. Erin Brokovich is definitely one of her most charming roles!

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Book vs. Movie: The Lovely Bones

Hey guys!
After watching Peter Jackson’s adaptation quite some time ago I finally found the time to check out the book. So far I had heard nothing but praise for Alice Sebold’s novel, so I was excited to find out whether it really is that good…


The Plot:
14-year old Susie Salmon has a wonderful life until one day the unspeakable happens. Susie is murdered. Alice Sebold tells the story from Susie’s point of view. She watches from heaven as her family struggles to carry on with their lives and also while her killer sets out again… Continue reading

Movie Mania: Assassin’s Creed

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For once I’m very up to date with the movies I review. Last week I went to the cinema to check out Assassin’s Creed, the video game based film everybody is talking about at the moment!



The Plot:
Cal Lynch is about to be executed for murder, however, after the whole things takes place he magically awakens. He soon finds out that still being alive might not be the best thing. A company working for the Templar Order saved him as they are searching for the Apple of Eden (a mystical item that’s supposed to control free will). The Assassin’s Brotherhood hid the Apple in 1492 and Cal is a descendent of the very guy who did the job. By sending him back to his ancestor’s memories the company hopes for the location to be revealed… Continue reading

TV Show Review: Better Call Saul Season 2

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I’m sure all of you know Breaking Bad – one of the best TV Shows of the last years. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Better Call Saul is a sort of prequel to it. It tells the story of Saul Goodman – our favourite lawyer! 2016 already brought us the second season!


The Plot:
Jimmy finally has a rosy looking future ahead after his discovery in season 1. However, he has trouble adjusting to his new life and leaving his old ways behind.
Not only do we get the rise and fall of Jimmy, we also watch Mike trying to help out his family… Continue reading

Book Review: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1)

Hey Guys!
Todays review is about a book I had wanted to read for a very long time. I remember seeing the movie adaptation in cinemas back 2004 but it wasn’t until now that I finally got hold of The Bad Beginning, the first installment in Lemony Snicket’s 13 volumes long series of Unfortunate Events.


The Plot:
The Beaudelaire children (Sunny, Klaus and Violet) are leading a wonderful life. But a huge cloud appears above their heads when their beloved parents die in a fire that also destroyed their home.
Soon they meet Count Olaf, their new custodian. Their happiness about having a new home ends abruptly the moment the step through Olaf’s door.
And that’s only the beginning… Continue reading