6 Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 6

I know, I know. It’s been some time since the finale of Season 6 aired. But I guess by now it’s safe to assume that you are all done watching Game of Thrones and I can throw in as many spoilers as possible😉
So let’s talk about season 6!


Thought #1 – The Arya story arc:
Annoyed doesn’t nearly describe my feeling for this story line. Arya is an interesting character and from what the books indicated this was super promising. But how it turned out in the show was a huge letdown. Basically her whole time in Bravos was superfluous.
The show makers really pissed me off with not even trying to make it better. It felt like this was a part of the plot they just wanted to get over with. I mean, Arya, trained assassin, knows that the waif is up to kill her simply strolls around with her guard down, then gets stabbed several times and is miraculously cured by a bowl of soup. Yeah, sure… Continue reading

Book Review: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #3)

Hey Folks!

I finally found the time to finish the last installment of Philip Pullman’s famous His Dark Materials series. Did I love it? Hate it? Well, let’s find out!


The Plot:
Lyra has been taken by Mrs Coulter. Of course her dear friend Will sets out on a journey through out the worlds. Only together they will be able to help Lord Asriel in his fight against the Authority, also known as God. But on their way they will encounter many dangerous tasks, they even travel through the land of the dead… Continue reading

3 Thoughts on Better Call Saul Season1

Hey Folks!

After re-watching Breaking Bad recently, I finally found the time to indulge in binge-watching Better Call Saul. So here are my thoughts on Bob Odenkirk’s first strike!


Thought #1 – The Flashbacks:
I don’t about you but I absolutely love this way of story-telling. The way the show kicks off and how it continues from there is just perfect. We follow Saul, back then still called Jimmy, but through flashbacks we get to dive even deeper into his past! Continue reading

Book Review: Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (Dexter #2)

Hello my lovely readers!

After being very fond of the TV show Dexter (and ending up disappointed by the last couple of seasons), I of course had to check out Jeff Lindsay’s books it was based on! Well, the first installment didn’t impress me too much, but I decided to give it another shot.
Here are my thoughts on Dearly Devoted Dexter!


The Plot:
Doakes is staying close to Dexter, wanting to catch him when he makes a wrong move. But this lovely relationship gets interrupted when somebody is found. This person had been tortured and on the brink of death, yet still alive. As it turns out, this is part of a bigger thing. More exactly, some old friend of Doakes is trying to get his revenge… Continue reading

4 Thought on Orphan Black Season 4

Hello Folks!

Well, Season 4 of the fascinating story of clones concluded a few weeks ago and finally I found the time to catch up! I was pretty excited about this but did it really fulfill my expectations?


Thought #1 – The Clones:
It’s just super impressive, when they introduce some new clone-characters and Tatiana Maslany gets to show off her acting skills. Portraying one character convincingly is hard enough but Maslany pulls off  so many different characters at once I have no idea how she does that.
I just love how versatile the clones are. You never know what to expect next! Continue reading

Book Review: The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials #2)

Hello, hello!

Due to a rather stressful time at University it took me some time to catch up with my current to-read-list.
I already wrote on the first installment of Philip Pullman’s famous His Dark Materials trilogy. Finally I found the time to share my thoughts on part 2, The Subtle Knife.
So here we go!


The Plot:
Surprisingly, this one doesn’t start off with Lyra, or any other character we already know. The story begins with Will who finds his way to a different world where he encounters Lyra. They try to help each other but their adventure gets more dangerous with every page you read.
Will comes into possession of the subtle knife, a very powerful tool, that can cut windows between worlds.
While the kids struggle on their own, Lord Asriel is preparing for war… Continue reading