Stranger Things: Season 3 – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
Today, I finally talk about one of my most anticipated new season this year. I was beyond excited when Stranger Things 3 finally hit Netflix, so let’s get talking about it!

The Plot:

All seems swell when a new shopping mall opens, everybody is in love and summer jobs keep the guys and gals occupied. But nothing good ever lasts. Jobs sucks, relationships end but most importantly: Russian infiltrate Hawkins and try to re-open the gate…

The Rating:

After a few things were a little off during the last season I was both excited and anxious to see what season 3 would bring. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Where do I even begin?
The Russian’s building a secret underground base in Hawkins might be a bit over the top and a cliché, but hell, it worked! I wasn’t sure about it at first but after some time I decided to just go with the flow. The Russian’s tie in perfectly with the ’80s vibe and Alexei might be one of my favorite characters this season.

This season we need to talk about relationships. While I’m not overly fond of the whole boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic we have going on with El/Mike and Max/Lucas, I think they might have nailed the amount of drama going on at that age. Furthermore, I don’t really care about Nancy/Jonathan anymore, their arc was a bit weak and their relationship is past the expiration date.
However, there are Joyce/Hopper. I can’t say too much without adding spoilers, so I’ll just say that my heart is broken and I still haven’t finished putting the pieces back together.

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American Gods: Season 2 – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
In my attempt to catch up with all the new season out there, I finally managed to finish watching American Gods season 2! Let’s find out whether the second season can live up to the hype around the show!

The Plot:

Odin is trying to rile up the Old Gods to stand with him. His ever-faithful bodyguard Shadow Moon is by his side.
In the mean-time, a still dead Laura is traipsing around with Mad Sweeney.

The Rating:

Okay, I had my problems with this one.
The first season was impressive and I just couldn’t stop watching.
With the second one, however, I somehow stopped halfway in and didn’t get back to it for several months. It started strong but somewhere around the middle, it’s reached it’s lowest point so far.

Unfortunately, the story kept dragging on without much sense of purpose. I don’t even really know what this season was supposed to be about. American Gods tries to lure you back it using flashing and over-the-top visuals but it only succeeded in giving me a headache. A lot of the charm went missing in this season and even the intriguing bit about the history of the Gods was rather disappointing in this season.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Break-Ups

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
This week I’ll talk about films featuring break-ups!

#1 The Break-Up

The Break-Up was the most obvious pick but this Jennifer Aniston film was too funny to not mention it. It’s kind of cringy at moments. However, if you want to have a quick laugh, it’s the production you’d go for.

#2 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This might be my all-time favorite Jim Carrey movie. It’s so intricate and the idea is just fascinating. Please go and watch this gem if you haven’t seen it already!

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Real Neat Blog Award!

Hey guys! Little break from my regular posting schedule today.
Katey from Oh So Geeky nominated me for a Real Neat Blog Award. Big shout out to her!

The ‘rules’ of the Real Neat Blog Award are to thank the person who nominated you, answer seven questions, nominate fellow bloggers, and ask new questions for others. So let’s get started!

Katey’s Questions:

If you could possess one of the Infinity Stones and use it, which would you pick and why?

I’ll go with the Space Stone! I absolutely love traveling so what would be better than a stone that allows me to instantly transport to any universe?

Which movies are you looking forward to this fall/winter?

Two of my most anticipated releases already came out and naturally, I immediately went to the cinema to see them: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and It Chapter 2. Anyway, there are still some films I am super excited to see this year. Those include Jojo Rabbit, Downton Abbey, The Joker and the new Star Wars film!

What is your go-to comfort tv show?

Tough one! There are several TV shows I absolutely adore and just never get old. At the moment, I guess, Queer Eye is the one that gives me a fuzzy warm feeling somewhere deep inside and never fails to make me happy.

If you could invite three fictional characters from any fandom over to dinner, who would you pick?

Any incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who! I’d also love to chat with Sherlock. As I’m currently getting into Hemlock Grove I’d settle for either Roman or Peter!

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Top 5 Tuesday: Funniest Characters

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
This week I’ll the talking about the funniest bookish characters I can think of!

Apollo from the Trials of Apollo

Just about every character Rick Riordan has ever written about comes with a dashing sense of humor. His books made me laugh out loud more often than I can count.
One of the most hilarious characters is the God Apollo, who was cast out of Olympus and is now stuck in the body of an average teenager. You wouldn’t believe what Riordan has done so far with this!

The Weasly Twins from the Harry Potter books

You can’t talk about fun without naming the Weasly twins. Fred and George are the most famous pranksters of the Harry Potter universe. They are funny, adorable and I want to be best friends with them.

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TV Show Ramble: Brooklyn 99

Hey guys!
I know I’m late to the party but after numerous friends recommended Brooklyn 99 to me, I finally checked out the show – and just about binged the whole thing!

The Plot:

Brooklyn 99 is a police sitcom focused around the cops at the 99th precinct in Brooklyn. We witness the ups and downs in both the professional and private lives of the crew…

The Rating:

There are many things I love about Brooklyn 99.
Of course, there is the amazing sense of humor that comes with the show. I have no idea how many times I laughed out loud with Brooklyn 99 but I certainly know that hilarious is the only word that describes the show.
I had seen quite a few screenshots on tumblr before I watched the first episodes so I thought I was prepared. However, the series turned out the be way funnier than I had even expected.

Furthermore, one of my favorite things is how Brooklyn 99 depicts women. Not one of the main female characters is stylized a sexualized way. They are shown to be competent, strong and intelligent women and nobody would ever doubt that. They don’t get belittled just because they are female, in contrast, their contributions are valued. It’s tragic that this depiction of women is truly rare in TV shows.

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