TV Shows I’m excited about this Fall

Fall is the season of new seasons! There are many shows whose returning I awaited. Read on to find out what I am most excited about! (click on the show titles for more info!)


1. American Horror Story:
As always AHS is on top of my to-watch list. Although the last season was a bit weak, I’m still very excited for #5. You never know what to expect and this season promises to be darker.

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What’s on my Reading List for Fall 2015?

The days are already getting shorter and you can clearly tell that fall is just around the bend. Time to go over my reading list for a comfy autumn!


1. Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine #3):
Going over this list, it seems like fall will be my season of series. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is one of them. I have to wait until the end of September before it will be published but I’m already excited. I love the first two parts and can’t wait to read on about those kids! And I want to see more of the (sometimes creepy, sometimes charming) authentic old photographs in the book.


2. The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J. K. Rowling: Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I finally reached the end. After the book was devoured I binge-watched the two films it was turned into. Read on to find out what I think about Harry’s final adventure!


The Plot:
This is it. Harry, Ron and Hermine are almost at the end of their journey. They try to fulfill Dumbledore’s last mission: find and destroy the Horcruxes in order to defeat the dark Lord. Well, easier said than done…


Book vs. Movie:
As I mentioned before, I devoured the book. It’s so thrilling and capturing, you just can’t put it down. The characters are more relatable than ever, you wish you could crawl into the book and help them. I love how intricate and cleverly woven the story is. Just when you think it’s over, J. K. Rowling comes around the corner with something new. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I am almost done with the Harry Potter books and movie! After The Half-Blood Prince only one more novel (+two films) await. Read on to find out what I have to say about the sixth book and it’s adaptation…



The Plot:
It’s time to face it: Voldemort is back. While the entire magical world is afraid of what might come next, Dumbledore has a plan. He teams up with Harry to face the dark lord’s past and discover a way to destroy him…


Book vs. Movie:
First of all I have to state that the book is thrilling. Impossible to put down, I read almost in one go. J. K. Rowling gets under your skin, deeper than you would imagine.
As always, the characters are described magnificently. By now they feel almost real, like true friends. The story is very intricate and you have a hard time guessing what comes next. Continue reading

5 popular and famous books that are completely overrated

There are some books everybody loves. Books that have basically reached some untouchable cult status. But after reading several of those praised novels, I was disappointed. Read on to find out which books I’d never touch again…
(There are detailed reviews on all of the books, if you want to find out more check out the links!)


1. The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald):

the great gatsby
I can’t even tell you how many great things I heard about this book – everything from “a classic” to “must read for everybody”. But my excitement started to fade rather quickly.
For some reason all of the characters remained shallow until the end of the story. No way you could bond with any of them. The story didn’t hold any surprises, in fact I never even managed to thrill me. There was no point throughout the whole book where Fitzgerald would have managed to get under my skin. For me Gatsby is not that great. Continue reading

Movie Mania: Nazis at the Center of the Earth

There have been a few posts on trashy, funny or ridiculous horror movies on my blog. But never about a film like Nazis at the Center of the Earth. This direct to DVD film is brought to you by The Asylum, the same company that is responsible for Sharknado…



The Plot:
A group of scientists is doing research work somewhere in the middle of Antarctica. However, they are abducted by a group of nazis. As it turns out, Dr. Josef Mengele are working on a plan to bring Hitler back and create a Fourth Reich.


The Rating:
I’ve seen my share of weird movies but this one is outstandingly ridiculous. Although this is supposed to be some sci-fi-horror movie, I spent most of laughing. Continue reading