Time to talk about Books: Cold Hands by John Niven

Cold Hands is John Niven’s first attempt on writing a crime story/thriller. It was absolutely not what I expected. If you want to know whether that’s good or bad, read on ;-)


The Plot:

The Miller’s a having a great life. somewhere in Canada they own a lovely house, the parents have good jobs and the son is well-behaved. They couldn’t be happier, but when the family dog is found dead it’s just the beginning of the past trying to catch up.


The Rating:

This is the fourth John Niven book I read. When I bought it I didn’t even check what it is about. Continue reading

Me from A to Z (part 3)

This is the final post of my “Me from A to Z” series! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe some of my fellow bloggers pick up the idea, I’d love to read your posts! =)


R – Relationship: This is also one of things I never really pictured me saying. I’ve been in a relationship for about two years now and I’m really happy. Somehow I always thought that’s not the thing for me. I’m a very independent person and I need my space. Making that work in a relationship was just not what I considered right for me. But it turns out, when you find the right person you don’t even have to think about “making it work”, it simply does.

S – Sewing Machine: As I’m currently on a little DIY-trip I had a dream fulfilled. It was more than ten years ago when I asked for a sewing machine the first time. But good things come to those who wait ;-)
I can’t even tell you how happy I was when I unpacked the machine. My first project is a Louise Belcher hat with bunny ears. It turned out rather successful! I can’t wait to do more stuff.
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Me from A to Z (part 2)

This is the second part of the “Me from A to Z” series! You can check out part 1 right here.
I hope you enjoy it and I’d love for some of my fellow bloggers to pick up the idea ;-)


I – Inside Jokes: I’m pretty sure whoever has to listen to me and my boyfriend must think that we are both nuts. Sometimes our conversations exist almost exclusively of inside jokes. As ridiculous as it is, I love it. The jokes may be totally stupid, but never fail to make me smile.

How I spent my last birthday  (between two exams)

How I spent my last birthday (between two exams)

J – June: I couldn’t think of anything cool or interesting for the letter J, so I chose June, the month I was born in. I always liked it, almost summer but not yet too hot. During university my excitement over June has been ebbing. It’s when all the exams for the summer semester take place meaning that it’s nothing but stress and I hardly ever get to leave the house. Plus it usually means that I can’t spend my birthday at home nor celebrate it at all. With an exam coming up the next day you’re not in the mood for a party.

K – Kitchen: My favourite room! I love to cook and to bake so the kitchen is the place to be for me. Whenever I’m at a home center I glance longingly at all those amazing kitchens with all the appliances a cook could ever dream of. Continue reading

Me from A to Z (part 1)

I saw a really cool idea for a post somewhere online and decided to jump on that train!
It’s about taking each letter of the alphabet and connecting it something related to me. However, I decided to split the post up, the next letters are coming up in a few days =)


A – Audrey Hepburn: She has always been one of my favourite actresses ever since I was little. To me she embodies everything – style, class, elegance, intelligence. I will always adore her – and most of all her movies.

B – Books: As you can probably tell from my blog, I really enjoy books. Although I have to read a lot of stuff for university I always find the time to sit down with a good book. I even feel a bit naked when I don’t carry a book around with me.

C – Communication: This is what I study at university. Writing this I’m just halfway done  – three more semesters to go! So far I really flowers and skullenjoy it and never regretted the choice I made.

D – Drawing: I looooved to draw when I was younger but somehow along the way I completely forgot about it. However, last year I decided to start anew and after some time I even started a blog with my drawings. I’m happy to have that hobby back. Continue reading

Childhood Memories Revisited (Movie Mania): Hercules

It’s been a while since I wrote my last “Childhood Memories Revisited” post. But recently I came across a box where I keep all my old video cassettes. Going through all those lovely movies I had a hard time chosing a film for this post! I finally decided for Hercules, hope you enjoy it!



The Plot: Continue reading