Top 6 TV Dads

Hello fellow TV cracks! A few days ago I posted a list of my most beloved TV moms. Of course I also thought about my favourite dads:


6. Marshall Eriksen (How I met your Mother):
Although he is rather new to parenting, he definitely deserves to be mentioned in this list. Ever since he became a dad in season 7, he’s been wonderful at the job. Marshall is very committed and does everything to give his son a happy live. The kind of dad you can only wish for!

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Top 6 TV Moms

Hey my lovely readers! Today I bring you my favourite TV moms. Be sure to come back in a few days to read about the best TV dads!


6. Endora (Bewitched):
In Bewitched, a lovely show about a witch marrying a human, she portrays Samantha’s mother, who is less than happy about her daughter’s choice. Endora only wants the best for her and is simply hilarious with her comments about humans. But she still accepts and supports her daughter’s decision, no matter what.

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Versatile Blogger Award *Yippie*

The wonderful Reut from sweetarchive honored with a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award! I love her posts about movies and music, absolutely great!


According to the rules I nominate 15 awesome and versatile bloggers:

  1. becoming beauty
  2. becky’s trinket box
  3. lucy types
  4. lily sweet
  5. in my pair of shoes
  6. I’m not here to hide
  7. Oh! that film blog
  8. samatha betteridge
  9. when she writes
  10. where the wild things are


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Movie Mania: The Babadook

I’ve seen a bunch of reviews on this Australian psycho-horror movie. (Funny sidenote: it wasn’t until I googled it yesterday that I realised it’s called Babadook and not Badabook) Without watching the trailer or having a real idea what the film is about I sat down yesterday and had a look at it.


The Plot:
Amelia and her son Sam live a quiet life. Although it’s been almost seven years she is still grief-stricken with her husband’s death. But the real trouble begins when Sam finds a what appears to be a children’s book titled “The Babadook” which turns out to more sinister and frightening than anybody would have expected.


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Top 10 TV Show Intros

Today I bring you my favourite TV intros. This idea comes from a friend of mine who suggested this post. I’m delighted to write it and I hope you like my list ;-)


10. How I Met Your Mother:
One of the most famous sitcoms of the last few years is the first show on my list. It’s about Ted who tells his kids how he met their mother (taking 9 seasons to do so). This intro is one of favourites for the photos it shows. Although it’s a TV show you could believe that these scenes are real-life. The song Hey beautiful also goes great with the entire theme.


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Top 5 most cunning guys on TV

Today I decided to draw up my list of the most shrewd guys on TV. So here we go:


5. Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks):
The coolest cop in town! FBI Agent Cooper comes to solve a murder. However, he turns out to be not only clever but also adorably strange. His way of doing things is highly interesting and how he interacts with everybody in Twin Peaks is also amazing.
Number one choice for solving crimes! (and for having a cup of coffee!)


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