Movie Mania: Suicide Squad

Hey Guys!

Today were gonna tackle THE movie everyone is talking about. The world waited long for Suicide Squad to be released – now it’s out and from what you hear it’s rather disappointing. But is that really true?


The Plot:
Gotham’s finest assortment of bad guys (and girls) is recruited for a rather tough job. Some evil witch (who should actually be crumbling to dust) is possession an archeologist and also just decided to take over the world. Well, looks like a jolly good afternoon… Continue reading

University, Failure and Letting Go

Hey Guys!
After many reviews its time for a more personal post. I haven’t written something like this in a while, but there’s no better way to get it off my chest than sharing it with you!


So what’s the problem?
I like to be in control. I know what I want, I know where I’m going and I’m making it work. I’ve always been like that. Even when something happened that shook my plans, I always managed to get back in control.
But this time it’s different.
So, I was in my last semester at University (at least that’s what I thought). Everything was going according to plan and I was already planning on starting  with my master studies in autumn.
However, in June shit hit the fan. I’m not gonna go into detail here – I’ll just say there was a “misunderstanding” with a professor which means I’m now 6 ECTS points short of graduating. Continue reading

Book Review: Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

Hey Guys!
It’s book review time😀
I actually read today’s book some time ago, more specifically at the end of June, after my last exam was over and I was waiting for my train. Kat from Life and Other Disasters had run a giveaway back then and I was one of the lucky winners. So thanks again and here’s what I thought!


The Plot:
Elena is super excited. The new Star Wars movie is about to come out and she’s determined to camp in line –  not to get a ticket as you can do that online nowadays – but for the experience. Things don’t quite go according to plan, but Elena ends up having the time of her life… Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Stranger Things

Hey Guys!
The show I want to present today is one you probably already heard of. Stranger Things is what everybody is talking about right now. Although the first season came out only a month ago, it’s already one of Netflix’ most successful productions!



What is it about?
It’s 1983. Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will are having a great time playing dungeons and dragons. Life is good. But on his way home Will vanishes. It soon turns out that this is not a regular crime but something far more mysterious. You won’t believe your own eyes…. Continue reading

Laied back Summer Sunshine Playlist (Playlist #3)

Hello folks!

As is currently is holiday time, I decided to share some songs with you today. These tracks always set me into the beach mood right away. I hope you enjoy!


So, this playlist contains some really different songs. Although some of you might find that the tracks don’t go well together, I love the diversity. When I think of relaxing at the beach, enjoying the sun and looking at the waves this is the music that comes to my mind.


Continue reading

Book Review: A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore (Grim Reaper #1)

Hey Guys!
Today’s book is a real gem. I actually picked this book randomly just because the cover looked kind of cute. All I wanted was to test the ebook library thing my new tablet has. However, I managed to pick one of the funniest and smartest books in a long time!


The Plot:
Charlie Asher is shattered. Just a few hours after his daughter was born his wife dies. Already struggling with his new life, Charlie starts seeing weird things – like stuff in his store that suddenly glowing read. Well, the thing is nobody else seems to notice!
When his little daughter suddenly gets two hell-hounds as her new pets things start to become clearer: Charlie Asher is death. Not the capital D death but one death. His new job is to collect souls – and battle the forces of the underworld… Continue reading