Top 3 Biggest Concert Disappointments

Some bands are amazing when they perform live. I love going to concert and already saw some great shows. This post however, will be about my bad experiences. Some bands were a huge letdown!


1. Rise Against:
In 2013 I was at the Monster Bash in Munich. I saw many amazing bands perform and was really excited to finally hear Rise Against live.
Unfortunately they turned out not to be what I had expected. First of all, the sound was awful. There was a really annoying echo in the hall, so you could barely hear what Tim McIlrath was singing. They also played the song in a weird way. I didn’t recognise some songs I can usually sing along until the chorus came up. There was no real engagement with the crowd, the band didn’t manage to catch you. After listening to five songs I was really disappointed and simply left.


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Top 5 My Guilty Pleasures in Movies

We all know them: movies that are totally cheesy and you’d never admit liking them in public. But secretly we love them. So here’s a shout out to all my guilty pleasure films!
Let me know what you think in the comments below! Anything to add to the list? =)


5. Pretty Woman:
Love stories are not my typical choice when it comes to movies. But ever since I first watched the video cassette of Pretty Woman that I found in our basement I’ve loved that film. The Cinderella story of a hooker who falls in love with a rich guy is actually not very original (nor credible) but nevertheless it made me smile. Especially the infamous scene at the fashion story ;-)




4. Dude, Where’s my Car?: Continue reading

Top 5 Horror Comedies

I’ve always loved horror movies, especially the once with a funny touch. I don’t know why it took me so long to write this post! Anyway, here’s my favourite horror comedies!


5. Beetlejuice:
Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is the most famous or at least well-known movie in this list. Although it’s not as dark and gore-y as the other films, I still love the atmosphere Burton creates here. It’s about a recently deceased couple who (as ghosts) are trapped inside their house and have to deal with the new owners.
Beetlejuice is quirky, funny and Winona Ryder is adorable in her role!




4. The Little Shop of Horrors: Continue reading

Top 7 Underrated TV Shows

There’s a bunch of TV shows I really like but I feel like they don’t get the credit they deserve. So here’s a big shout-up to my favourite underrated shows!


1. Pushing Daisies:
I loved this shows. It was so lovely, colorful but yet dorky and different. It was a bit weird, I guess that’s why I liked it so much. The show about a pie baker who discovers that he can revive dead people would have deserved far more than just two seasons!




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Top 5 Cult TV shows I have yet to watch

Today I want to write a post about stuff I haven’t seen. There are many TV shows out there that by now gained cult status. But I somehow managed to miss out them. So today’s post is about the stuff everybody loves and I really need to check out soon! =)


1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
I recently read a list of quotes from this show and was reminded how cool it always seemed to be. I guess the reason I never watched it is that I’m a few years to young. When I was old enough to get into, the show was already over.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on top of my to-watch-list!


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Groezrock 2015 – a review of day one (1 May)

Last year’s trip to Groezrock, a wonderful punk/hardcore festival, was a blast so of course I had to go this year as well!

Unlike last year we didn’t take the train anymore. You can’t imagine how much nicer flying is (especially when it’s also cheaper than the damn train). However, due to the fact that our flight was heading for/leaving from Rotterdam, we decided to skip day 2 of the festival and instead did a city trip after the festival.


But enough blabla, let’s get to the festival!


no words needed^^

We arrived on Thursday evening after what was a bus trip to remember. We took the shuttle bus from the train station in Geel and after a few miles there was suddenly a loud thud. However, the driver didn’t mind and went on. After half a mile another big thunk. We drove on for at least another mile before the bus driver finally decided to stop.
Well, it turned out the bus did not just have a flat tyre, the entire thing was gone! We had been driving on the wheel rim. The side of the bus was even burnt.

rainbow over meerhout

rainbow over meerhout

While discussing whether we should walk to the festival,  it started raining. Heavily. And after ten more minutes it began to hail.
As crazy as it sounds, we actually were lucky to be on this bus. It saved us from raising our tent during the rain and getting totally wet and on top of that we got to see the most beautiful rainbow! Continue reading