Movie Mania: Transcendence

Hey Guys!
Today I want to ramble about Transcendence, a 2014 sci-fi drama featuring many famous names in the cast-list.


The Plot:
Dr. Will Caster and his wife Evelyn work on a computer capable of feeling. They make great progress, however, at a conference Will is shot by a member of an anti-technology terrorist group. Before he, dies Evelyn tries to upload his consciousness into a quantum computer… Continue reading

3 Silent Movies to check out!

Hello my lovely readers!
Due to my courses at university, I spent the last semester watching a bunch of silent movies. Today I want to share some of the films with you I discovered!


#1 – Nosferatu:
This is the most famous movie in my list, I’m pretty sure almost everybody has heard about it at some point. Not only is Nosferatu an amazing classic, it inspired so many following productions and also has a fascinating production story. The story is based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but nobody bothered to with the rights when making the movie. So in the end Stoker’s widow sued them and all copies were supposed to be destroyed. We’re lucky this didn’t happen, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to watch Max Schreck playing Count Orlok, the predecessor of all other movie vampires!

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4 Things I love about Blackadder the Third!

Hey Guys!
I’ve already mentioned one of the most amazing British TV shows of all time here on my blog. (No, this time I’m not talking about Doctor Who.) Blackadder is definitely my all-time favourite sitcom and one of Rowan Atkinson’s best works.
This time, I want to shed some light on season 3, which is set in the late 18th century.


#1 – Hugh Laurie as Prince Regent:
We’ve encountered many great characters and actor during the other two season, but Hugh Laurie as the hilariously stupid Prince Regent is among my favourites. I hadn’t know that he would join the cast for season 3, so I ended up pleasantly surprised.

#2 – Queenie makes a Comeback!
One of the best characters in season 2 was undoubtedly Queenie. Miranda Richardson (who in my head shall forever be named Queenie) also takes on a little role in this season. I don’t want to add any spoilers here, but that episode is definitely my favourite in season 3. It’s super funny and comes with huge plot-twist! Continue reading

Old vs. New: Brighton Rock

Hey guys!
A while ago I did a Book vs. Movie post on Graham Greene’s famous novel Brighton Rock, comparing it with both adaptations. However, I decided to pay the two films a very close look as well!


The Plot:
Pinky, far to young for the job, is the leader of Brighton gang. When they murder Fred Hale he has his hands full trying to cover everything up. Most of all he needs to take care of Rose, a young waitress who is a witness…


The Rating:

To be honest, I found the 1947 movie completely by surprise. Back in December I was ill and couldn’t sleep. Switching through TV channels at 2 in the morning I found this little gem.
Coincidentally I had only finished the novel two weeks earlier!
Anyway, what we get is a very atmospheric black and white picture with a more than fabulous staff. Richard Attenborough is exactly what I had imaged Pinkie to look like. He captures his essence perfectly. Young and inexperienced, wanting to be taken seriously, to be one of the big players, getting more than he can handle. Furthermore, Carol Marsh is just wonderful as Rose. It’s so easy to believe her in innocence and naivety and more important in her change. Not many actresses could have pulled that role off as convincingly.
I also love the fact that the movie is black and white. Brighton Rock is just the kind of story that needs to be in b/w. It gives the whole thing the perfect gloomy atmosphere. So I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the 1947, actually I was even surprised how good it is! Continue reading

Book Review: The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events #8)

Hello my lovely readers!
It’s time for another installment of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I just finished part 8, The Hostile Hospital. So let’s see what awaits us here!

Goodreads Cover – The Hostile Hospital


The Plot:
After narrowly escaping from the lynch mob in VFD the Beaudelairs end up at the Heimlich Hospital where they hope to find some information on the man who died in VFD. However, the library of records holds a big surprise for the children. They find a piece of paper that might change everything… Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Place Beyond the Pines

Hey Guys!
It’s time to cross another film off my watch-list that had been waiting there forever. The Place Beyond the Pines is a star-filled crime drama that seemed to be highly promising. Let’s find out if it really is!


The Plot:
Motorcycle Stuntman Luke finds out that an ex-lover he hadn’t seen in some time now has a baby. His baby.
In order to provide for his child Luke tries to make an effort, but it’s hard to get by in the middle of nowhere. When he has no other options left, he starts robbing banks… Continue reading