4 Thoughts on “Axis Mundi”, S2E1 of The Leftovers

Those of you who read my blog more often know that I was pretty excited about The Leftovers. Well, the show just returned for a new season and here’s what I tought about Episode 1, Axis Mundi!



  1. I was confused. Very confused.
    The episode kicks off with some sort of flashback into the stone age. We watch a woman have a child (I didn’t want to see that in such detail…) and wander the surroundings, after everybody else died when an earthquake closed off a cave. This sequence goes on for quite a long time, so I really had to hit the pause button to check online whether I am watching the Leftovers or something completely different.
  2. So many new faces.
    Almost the entire cast is new. It takes some time to get used to but somewhere halfway through the episode we get to see some familiar characters. To be honest I had almost forgotten about them returning.
  3. The atmosphere.
    After that cave man thing was over and we got back to the present time the show started with an unusual lightness. For a few minutes everything seemed nice and everyone was happy. Anyway it didn’t take long until we got back to what we are used to. Dark aspects come up and an atmosphere is created that gives you goosebumps.
  4. No idea what to expect.
    In this episode a whole lot of points were touched that will definitely become different plot strings in the future. So far we get to see some strange stuff, but we have basically no idea what it means. Therefore, it’s difficult to tell what this season will be like but I’m very excited to find out!


Although I was reather irritated at first, Axis Mundi is a great start for this season. The show hasn’t lost any of it’s power and still comes up with great visuals. Can’t wait to see more!


What do you think? Have you seen the episode? Let me know in the comments!

Shallow World – What you wear determines who you are

I haven’t done this kind of post in while but this is something that really matters to me.
I’m sure all of you have experienced different treatment depending on what you look like. Keeping that in mind, I carried out a little experiment a few weeks ago.


What happened:
In September I attended the FAFGA-fair. This is a trade fair for gastronomy, hotel and design. We (my boyfriend + me) went there two days in a row to test something. On Tuesday we were dressed casually. Nothing fancy but some nice clothes. However, walking around there it felt like most of the exhibitors were considering us as annoying people only there to get free stuff. I definitely had the impression that none of them thought that we could actually be potential customers. They all seemed to hope we’d move on quickly to bother someone else. Continue reading

The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag!

Hello guys!
I’m sure some of you already know this tag but I only stumbled upon it a few days ago. The idea is really cool and a big shout out to The Impossible Girl Kat from Life and Other Disasters for tagging me!
I’m excited to get started, so here we go!


1. A popular book or series that you didn’t like:
I know some people out there will want to slay me for this, but I hated the entire Lord of the Rings book series. For some reason I managed to finish all three books, but I was already annoyed after the first 20 pages of book #1. Tolkien dwells on little details that are neither interesting, fascinating or in any way relevant for the plot. Therefore the story drags on forever. 95% of the first book describe how they walk through a damn forest! (If you want to read more on that matter, here’s my detailed post)

Hollow City - Cover

2. A popular book that everyone hates but you love: Continue reading

5 Reasons to watch American Horror Story Season 5 “Hotel”

The frist episode of AHS season 5 is finally airing next week. I can’t tell you how excited I am. So, in honor of the 4 seasons we already had the pleasure to watch, I want to give you 5 reasons to check out the new one “Hotel”.


#1 You never know what to expect:
For those of you who don’t know AHS I need to explain that the series is an anthology. So the seasons tell completely different stories that have (almost) nothing to do with each other. So far we had a murder house, an asylum, a coven and a freak show. You can already tell that the last 4 season covered quite a range of topics, each of them with several fascinating plot twists. The new season is titled “Hotel” and I don’t know yet what to prepare for…


#2 The Actors get to unfold their Full Potential:
As I mentioned before, AHS is not telling one story that continues throughout the season, but a new one each year. However, the basic cast of the show stays the same. That means the actors get to play a variety of different roles and aren’t stuck in one corner until the show gets cancelled. For me it’s fascinating to watch the actors turn into a completely different character for each season.


#3 The Guest Actors:
Not only the regular AHS cast is impressive, the guest stars also never fail to impress. So far we had Stevie Nicks, Angela Bassett, Neil Patrick Harris, Wes Bentley and many more. For season 5 it was announced that Lady Gaga would join the cast. I’ve never been a fan of music but I’m excited to see her performance. I can imagine that her “weirdness” blends in perfectly and she will do a great job.


#4 The History Bits:
I always love it when a show manages to incorporate some real historic aspects. (I usually end up on Wikipedia researching what I just saw…) AHS has it’s very own way of doing that. In the first season Murder House for example we got a bit of the Black Dahlia Murder. Two of the characters in season 3 Coven are based on real personalities. I hope that more of that kind is coming in season 5, it impresses me every time!


#5 The Horror:
Ever since I was little I enjoyed good horror stories. In terms of that, AHS is one of the best things I saw in the last few years. Some episodes are pretty gory and guaranteed to give you the creeps. For me season 2 Asylum was so far the creepy-ist one but I have my hopes up for Hotel to be even better!


What do you think about AHS? Will you watch season 5? Let me know in the comments! =)

4 Popular TV Shows I can’t stand Part 2

As I was zapping through a range of TV channels I came across several shows I absolutely hate. I realised one post was not enough to cover all the shows I can’t stand, so here we go, part 2! (And please try not to hate me too much in case I just ripped apart your favourite show ;) )


1. The Office:
I was actually determined to love this show. There are so many awesome The Office-quotes on tumblr, this just has to be good, right? Well, no. My excitement was basically shattered after I saw one episode. The whole mockumentary style couldn’t catch my interest. Many of the jokes were not funny and most of the characters just annoyed me.
Although I gave the show another shot, hoping to get me this time, I never warmed up for The Office.

Continue reading

Dexter – 8 Thoughts for 8 Seasons

I just finished watching the entire 8 seasons of Dexter. While I was extremely excited when I started watching, I ended with mixed feelings. Read on to find out why!


Season #1:
I love this one. It’s something fresh, something different. Although very dark there is still a sense of goodness and what I liked best: a whole lot of dark humor.


Season #2:
That great thing about this season is that it keeps you excited until the end. You just started to sympathise with Dexter and now you  have to wonder will our anti-hero be uncovered? Will he end up in jail? Will he get away? Is that good or bad? Continue reading