Looking forward and Looking back – my last and next year at university

Just some wonderful graffiti in my new home Vienna :D

Just some wonderful graffiti in my new home Vienna :D

Last year in October my first year of university in Vienna began. A new city. Looking back I can say it was absolutely the right decision. I love Vienna and enjoy every minute I spend there. It’s also nice to live alone (I live in a student accommodation but you get my point). I like taking care of myself and being responsible for everything. The first year of studying was also a new experience. It’s also a lot of self-organising and was quite different from school. Another point I really enjoyed. The people I met there are awesome and I made some good friends. Continue reading

Movie Mania: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is a comic sci-fi movie for adults. This 1981 film consists of different stories that are loosely linked by a crystalline green sphere.


The Plot:

The story begins with an astronaut in Corvette coming back to earth. He drives to his house where he’s greeted by his daughter. The green ball he brought back from outer space starts so shine as he touches it. Suddenly the ball melts him, the girl watching in terror. Introducing itself as the sum of all evils the so-called Loc-Nar shows the girl how it influenced different societies over time. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: The Fault in our Stars

After reading John Green’s book I was stoked to find out there will be a movie. I finally got around watching it, so here we go:


The Plot:

The store revolves around Hazel Grace Lancaster. A teen-aged girl faced with cancer. In support group she meets a guy called Augustus Waters. The two become friends and eventually fall in love. They even travel to Amsterdam to meet the author of their favourite book. But before they return Gus reveals that he is about to die as his cancer came back.


Book vs. Movie: Continue reading

Childhood Memories Revisited (Movie Mania): Sleeping Beauty

The second post about my favourite childhood movies is a review on “Sleeping Beauty”. This Disney film is from 1959 and its lovely music was nominated for an oscar a year later.

The Plot:

Sleeping Beauty is a pretty widespread fairytale but let me summarize the story of this particular version: A baby is born. The king and the queen are more than happy and have a huge banquet. The good fairies are to give the lovely princes one gift each. But before the last one can be presented Maleficent, the evil fairy who wasn’t invited, appears. She cast a curse upon the little princess. On her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Not being able to take back the evil spell the last of the good fairies changes it to sleeping instead of dying. Continue reading

Playlist #2: Songs for a Rainy Day

This summer the weather was rather shitty. Due to weeks full of rain I optimized my playlist for rainy weather. For me it contains everything: songs that lift you up, songs that you can chill to etc. I hope you enjoy this ten songs as much as I do =)


I. Snake Charmer by Blink 182: It’s my favourite song of the Neighborhoods album. I wasn’t too fond of the album in total but I really dig this one. It has a perfect vibe and nice lyrics.


II. This is the Way by Black Train Jack: I absolutely love this song. No matter what mood I am in this one always fits.

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Childhood Memories Revisited (Movie Mania): Anastasia

Recently I’ve been digging through my old box full of video cassettes. Looking at my beloved Disney movies and fairytale films I decided to start a new series of posts here on my blog. I hope you enjoy it =)

The first one of my childhood movies I will review is Anastasia, a wonderful Don Bluth movie from 1997. The for two Oscars nominated film tells the tale of the last surviving daughter of the Russian Tsar. Of course the didn’t stick exactly to the history but it is nevertheless a lovely and creative tale.


The Plot:

When revolution happens in Russia the little Anastasia has to flee. During their escape she gets separated from her grandmother. Due to her fall on her head she loses all memory and thus grows up in an orphanage. As soon as she (now called Anya) comes of age she heads for St. Petersburg to find out about her past. In the mean time two fraudsters Dimitri and Vladimir are casting women to find an Anastasia. Her grandmother never gave up on her and promised a huge reward to anyone who brings her granddaughter back. Somehow Anya runs into the two men and they pick her as actress. What nobody knows is that she is the real one. In some land beyond death Rasputin comes back to life. He sold his soul to the devil and initiated the revolution in which almost the entire Tsar family was killed. He finds out that Anastasia is alive and tries several times to kill her. After overcoming several difficulties they reach her grandmother in Paris and Anastasia remembers about her past. She finally kills Rasputin and falls in love with Dimitri. Continue reading