Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: American Horror Story – Freak Show

I recently watched the first two episode of “Freak Show”, the latest AHS season. It will consist of 13 episodes, 11 of them will air within the next weeks.



The Plot:

This season is set in 1952. A Freak Show puts up its tents in Florida. The members struggle to survive and Elsa Mars, the leader of the show, tries hard to make ends meet. She finds the siamese twins Dot and Bette and recruits them. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Great Dictator

Last Thursday I went to one of Vienna’s cosy old cinemas. In the course of a Jewish film festival they showed “The Great Dictator” a movie I hadn’t seen so far but always wanted to watch. Charlie Chaplin created a satirical political comedy drama parodying the events of the second World War.

The Plot:

A Jewish Barber who fights in the first World War is injured. When he is released years later he thinks no time has passed while in reality the nation of Tomainia now has a dictator Hynkel who suppresses the Jews. It takes sometime until he realises how the world has changed in his absence. Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Orange is the New Black

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this Netflix show. So I thought it’s time to check it out. By now I’m halfway into the second season =)



The Plot:

The story follows Piper Chapman, a successful woman who has to go to jail. Years ago she once carried a suitcase full of drug money for her then girlfriend Alex who was big in the drug business. We get to know her life in prison and also how her friends and family continue life without her.


The Rating: Continue reading

Movie Mania: Mama

Mama is a supernatural horror movie. Produced by Guillermo del Toro this Spanish-Canadian film raised high expectations.

The Plot:

Two little girls are found in the woods. Victoria and Lilly had been in an abandoned cabin for five years. During the financial crisis their father had a break down resulting in the decision to kill his wife and later his two children and commit suicide. Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: My so called Life

Today’s topic is a rather unknown 90s TV show. In just one season Claire Danes got to show how talented she is in the leading role.



The Plot:

Basically it’s a show about life as teenager. We follow Angela Chase through her everyday life. Feeling with her through tough times and being happy when things finally work out. However, this is not the regular plot one is used to. Continue reading

Movie Mania: Sin City 2 – A Dame to Kill for

In 2014 Robert Rodriguez finally released Sin City – A Dame to Kill for. Follow up to Sin City it is again based on the comics by Frank Miller who also wrote the script for the film.


The Plot:

There are basically 3 different plotlines:

#1: Johnny is a gambler. He returns to Sin City to play with the high rollers. Playing with Senator Roark he wins. A thing that does not please the Senator. Johnny later is beaten up badly and it turns out that he is the Senator’s son. But instead of killing him Roark leaves hin in the gutter to suffer. Johnny swears revenge. After visiting a rather strange doctor he wins back enough money to play against the Senator one more time. Continue reading