Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Californication

The man, the myth, the legend. This show brought us the one and only Mr. Hank Moody.  He’s a writer with a whole pile of problems. This show spans over 7 season and 84 episode (I’ve seen 3 seasons so far so this is what the review will be about).


(The trailer is kind of crappy, the show is actually much better than depicted here)


The Plot:

The writer Hank Moody deals (or better fails with dealing) with several problems: His former girlfriend Karen whom he still loves is about to get married. His daughter struggles with her teenage years and he has trouble coping with his role as a parent. On top of that Hank banged just about every woman in L.A. instead of writing something in a long time. Continue reading

Getting my hands dirty: DIY T-Shirt time!

A few weeks ago I’ve been to a concert and really wanted to get a T-shirt. But it turned out all they had were shirts for guys. I was left with a problem most girls will know: leave without a shirt or throw out money for an ill-fitting piece of clothing. As my wardrobe is already full of stuff that doesn’t quite fit me, I decided not to buy anything. Back at home I was looking at the sticker I had of the band and thought why not do this myself?

the shirts I did

the shirts I did

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Today’s World and Criticism

I recently went to an Open Mic event here in Vienna. It was the second time I watched something like that. Looking at all the different people on the stage I started thinking. And finally came to a rather unpleasant conclusion.

While it is a wonderful thing that there is platform like Open Mic grating everybody a chance to share their thoughts and talents with the world it is also a reflection of today’s society. The one rule of Open Mic is that nobody gets criticised for what they do no matter how bad they are. It may be good not to have to fear being booed off the staged but criticism helps to develop. With the rise of the internet everybody got a chance to share their stuff and connect with people sharing their opinion. But this also means that people don’t have to accept any form of criticism anymore. If somebody doesn’t like what they do, they go on find other people who do. We’ve reached a point where people can share their every thought with the entire world – whether anybody cares or not. People live in a bubble, containing their own world and bouncing off anything that is outside the comfort zone. Not having to deal with any other opinions leaves us with a generation of self-centered egoists. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Horns

I’ve been excited to hear that a book I really like would become a movie. On October 31st the time had finally come. The movie is here :D



The Plot:

Ig Perrish is in some trouble. His beloved girlfriend was murdered and the whole world thinks he did it. Already bad enough? Well, it gets worse: one day he wakes up to find horns growing on his head. Ig discovers that these two things give him some whole new options… Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Twin Peaks (Pilot)

As was announced at the beginning of October, Twin Peaks will be renewed for a 9 episode series. In the light of this I decided to grad my Twin Peaks DVD box and re-watch it. So here come my thoughts on the trailer of this legendary 90′s show.



The Plot:

A dead body is found. It’s a 17-year-old girl named Laura Palmer. The whole town of Twin Peaks is shaken by the event. Such things don’t happy in such a cozy little place in the mountains, no not here. But now a murdered occurred. The local police start investigating and Special Agent Dale Cooper joins them to find out who killed Laura Palmer. As the investigations go on, more and more people of this town get drawn into the story. Not everybody is who he seems… Continue reading

Time to Talk about Books: 1984

Finally a book review =) I’ve been busy for most of the summer so I didn’t have much time to read. But recently I finally finished George Orwell’s classic novel about a dystopia.



The Plot:

Big Brother is watching you. The people live under constant surveillance. They don’t have a moment to themselves, spies and microphones are everywhere. Who dares not to obey disappears. The story follows the thoughts of Winston Smith a man who works for the party. We perceive this dystopian society through his eyes and find out about the almighty party. Continue reading