Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: The Knick (views on the first two episodes)

Steven Soderbergh recently decided to turn to TV-shows instead of cinema. “The Knick” is a show about a hospital in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century. Soderbergh shows medical procedures at a time when doctors could easily be confused with butchers. The leading role is played by Clive Owen.


The Plot:

One of the first things we get is a surgery. A very bloody one with no good end. As it turns out, many scenes like this will follow. Dr. John Thackery becomes Chief Surgeon after one of this procedures. However, his brilliance in the medical field is overshadowed by his drug addiction. Thackery is not only in a constant fight with himself as well as the patients he also has differences with Cornelia Robertson who is the chief of the hospital. Thackery is pressured to hire Algernon Edwards a highly acclaimed doctor with only one problem: he is black. Neither Thackery or his colleagues have any interest in his help or knowledge. On top of that the hospital is confronted with other problems: electricity is about to be installed but due to the manager of the hospital defrauding money the job is done poorly and accidents pile up. Another severe problem Edwards comes across is the fact that black people are not treated at the hospital. He decides to install a makeshift clinic in the basement. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Into Thin Air

The movie I’ll ramble about today is called “Into Thin Air: Death on Everest”. It is based on the non fiction book by Jon Krakauer, who wrote down his experiences of climbing the Mt. Everest.


The Plot:

Jon Krakauer takes part in an expedition. His goal is nothing less than the Mt. Everest. Together with a group of diverse people he tried to reach the summit. But no-one of them would have thought that their expedition is about to end in a tragedy. When the weather changes abruptly disaster takes its course. Several people die trying to make their way back to the camp. In the entire 1996 season a total of 15 people gave their life reaching for the top. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Room (aka one of the worst movies ever)

Have you ever seen a movie so bad you felt the need to invent a new word to describe how utterly awful it is? Well recently I have. The Room is a 2003 romantic comedy drama (at least it claims to be one) written, produced and direct by as well as starring in the main role Tommy Wiseau.


The Plot:

The movie revolves around Tommy and Lisa. They are about to get married but unfortunately Lisa has lost all interest in Tommy although he is such a good and nice and successful man (how her mother emphasizes every five minutes). On top of that Lisa begins an affair with Tommy best friend Mark who doesn’t even seem to want that at all. There are some rather strange subplots like Tommy’s fosterling getting into a fight with a drug dealer or Lisa’s mother having cancer. However, after being briefly introduced none of them are ever mentioned again. Anyways. Tommy eventually finds out about Lisa and Mark and kills himself. End of story.


The Rating: Continue reading

Chillin’ on the Couch with my Remote: Orphan Black

This Canadian TV show deals with a very interesting subject: human clones and related moral and identity issues. By now there are two seasons with ten episodes each.


The Plot:

Sarah Manning witnesses the suicide of a woman who seems to look exactly like her. She decides to take on the woman’s identity who she finds out is Beth Childs, a cop. Soon she finds out that there are more doppelgänger. Not only do those women look like her, they share the same DNA. It turns out that Sarah, Beth and all the others are clones. Sarah struggles to win back her daughter whom she left with her own former foster-mother and has to cope with several problems arising. She can’t keep up Beth’s identity and on top a killer shows up, trying to liquidate all the clones. In the course of the second season a religious group gets more and more involved. On the opposite side we have a strong scientifical front, led by the neolutionists. All the clones spent there lives in foster families as they are orphans. Their past and origin is more than dubious and the more information they gather, the deeper Sarah and the others get into trouble.
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Totally of Topic: I fell in love with Yoga (and just finished the 30-day yoga challenge)

About a month ago I was stressed out to the point where I felt like my head is about to explode. I was right in the middle of the exam weeks and all I did was study. But after not having left my appartement for four days there was no chance I could fit any more information into my head. To be honest I have no idea why I thought of it but an idea popped up in my head: I gonna try out yoga. Right now.

I have to confess I’ve never been interested in yoga at all. To me it was just breathing in and breathing out and lying around on your matt. So no challenge nothing interesting, just a hype I don’t need to participate in.
But when I searched youtube for some instruction videos and tried out the first one I was so surprised. It was indeed exhausting but most off relaxing. My mind was cleared and my headache almost gone. For the next few days whenever I needed a break from studying I did this very cycle of yoga poses and then when back to my books – all freshed up and ready to go down to it. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Lovely Bones

This supernatural crime drama set in the 1970’s was brought to the big screen by Peter Jackson in 2009. Based on the award-winning novel by Alice Sebold which was published 7 years before this movie had to face high expectations.


The Plot:

Susie Salmon is your average teenage girl. She deals with her first love, annoying siblings, parents who don’t understand her. But soon something very unusual is about to happen to Susie. She is murdered. While her family has a hard time coping with her death  her dad continues to try to find her murderer. In the mean time Susie is captured in some kind of intermediate world. There she meets other girls who were murdered by the same man who killed her. One of the girls urges her to let go of her family and the world she had to leave. It’s the only way for her to move on the heaven. After some time Susie realises that her hatred inflicts the lives of the ones she left behind. She makes her peace and moves on. Her father and sister finally find out who killed Susie and get to make their peace as well.


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